Immersion with English cottage and English lessons

A fantastic opportunity to visit the South West of England and fully immerse yourself in the British way of life, learning English and living alongside the locals in this traditional and unique part of the U.K.

You will have the opportunity to stay in a historic English Cottage, situated in a beautifully quaint and picturesque English village. Imagine walks along the Devonshire coastline and countryside, purchasing your groceries in the local shop. Buying stamps and chatting away with the locals in the Post Office, and of course, having a few local ale pints and a bite to eat in the village pub, whilst keeping warm by the cosy open fire. We also offer the option of English lessons at a Plymouth Academy, just a few miles away from the village. 

All of this is tailored for you individually to ensure that you have an unforgettable few weeks, returning to your country with a much deeper knowledge of the English Language. We tend to recommend at least three weeks to make the most of this experience. However, the minimum requirement for bookings is 2 weeks.

You can choose between Bristol or any London airport – we will collect you and help you with everything along the way until you are settled in your cosy homes. Of course, we’re also always keen to share a drink or two at the local pub with you!


We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any of your questions


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