About Anglo Connection

Anglo Connection is a family run organisation located in the south-west of England. In 2019 we celebrate our 20th aniversary of organising educational courses in England.

Its founder and Managing Director is Marisa Bareño Gregor. Marisa is passionate about her work, and that is why she has helped hundreds of students from Europe and South America to spend linguistic seasons in Devon, where she lives with her British family.

Marisa helps students choose and organise the most appropriate course for their specific needs, ensuring that students return to their countries having had an unforgettable experience.

Anglo Connection’s goal is to make things as easy as possible for students. We take the hassle away from students having to search an innumerable number of web pages and spend vast sums of money on trips and courses.

Simply call us or contact us by email and we will organise your study visit, meeting your exact requirements. Allowing you the freedom of relaxing and enjoying your time learning English in England.



We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and answer any of your questions


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