Terms or Whole Academic Year In Ireland

Why entrust your son or daughter with Anglo Connection?

Unlike the vast majority of companies dedicated to organizing stays for learning English, Anglo Connection is located exactly in the same area where your son or daughter will study and reside during his or her stay in Ireland.

Anglo Connection team live and work within a radius of 20 kilometres from the schools and houses where the students go to class and live. This means personalized attention that is unattainable for large multinational companies.

Features That Differentiate Anglo Connection
  • Deep knowledge of families. Each and every one of the families that welcome the students have been visited and evaluated personally by our organization with strict criteria.
  • Direct relationship with schools. The permanent contact for years with those in charge of the schools and the experiences of the students make us have a very clear idea of which are those that offer greater confidence and better conditions.
  • Expert knowledge of the area. We know perfectly the Irish cultural peculiarities and their differences with other countries cultures, as well as the resources and opportunities that the area offers so that the students have a complete and positive experience during their stay.
  • Personalized and constant attention. The personal attention to each of the students is our philosophy. Any need or unexpected that may arise during your stay is attended immediately by our team, whose closeness to the student is constant. The reaction time is immediate, access to both the family and the school is direct and knowledge of the area allows us to act in the fastest and most efficient way in any situation.
The Key to Our Success

Our organization is small and familiar and is very clear about its objective: to create the best conditions for the student to develop in a welcoming and happy environment and to be able to dedicate without worries to take advantage of a stay that will bring him the definitive learning of English and an unforgettable experience of self-improvement and autonomous living far from your home. The Irish families in which they lodge, the schools and our dedication and full dedication are the guarantees for this objective to be fulfilled:

  • Schools: The selected schools have a high academic level and excellent sports facilities. Our students are integrated into the school as a student. Teachers and students help them to integrate from the first moment and receive special attention in the first weeks both in the academic and social relations.
  • Our Families: Family life allows the student to know Irish customs and facilitates a total immersion in the language. The families that host the students in their home are experienced and evaluated by the organization carefully. The students are treated as one of the family and many of them return to their home countries having made friends for life. Students have their own room and access to the internet. Our families are the most important part of the experience. We place only one student in each family
  • Supervision and support from Anglo Connection: The student is visited regularly in the family. We keep meetings with their teachers and closely follow their adaptation, taking care of solving their doubts, needs or problems that may arise, both in the family and at school. Likewise, we constantly keep communication channels open with families in Spain and inform them of the evolution of their children.
Trips and Extracurricular Activities

Anglo Connection is responsible for all the logistics of the trips of students in close collaboration with families, always ensuring that students travel safely in all their transfers. We also advise and help choose and carry out the extracurricular activities offered by schools, clubs and associations in the area.


The price includes the following:

  • Departure and arrival flights included for European students. Flights from outside Europe not included in the price
  • School materials
  • Family stay with everything included
  • Personal tracking and constant support of the organization
  • Availability for emergencies 24 hours a day
  • Airport transfers


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