Boarding Schools in Devon

We have been working very closely with several of Devon’s most prestigious private and public internships for several years.

Mount Kelly College

Mount Kelly College is a private educational institution of the highest prestige in Britain with 140 years of history behind it. Its academic excellence, together with its extraordinary sports facilities and its location in a magnificent natural environment, make it one of the most demanded schools in the area by both British students and international students, who year after year come from all over the world attracted by its exceptional educational results.

The school is located on the outskirts of Tavistock, a very quiet village with a beautiful medieval historic centre, which is located about 30 kilometres from Plymouth. The school is located on the grounds of the Dartmoor National Park, an area of great natural beauty.

Plymouth College

Plymouth College is the most recognized private school in the city of Plymouth and one of the most prestigious in the south west of England. Its location in the centre of the city, together with its high academic level and outstanding sports facilities, makes it very attractive for students from all over the world. There are currently interns from more than 40 countries, as well as a large number of Britons.

Management, Monitoring and Personalised Attention

Anglo Connection helps parents choose the school that most interests their child, taking into consideration all the factors that influence when making such an important decision: educational, economic, logistics.

Once the school is chosen, we take care of guiding the entire process for registration: we provide all the necessary documentation, we will help you, if necessary, to complete it and we solve any doubt that may arise in the process. The entire bureaucratic relationship with the school is carried by our organization.

The school recommends parents to visit their facilities, if possible accompanied by the future student, prior to the incorporation of the latter. Anglo Connection will manage all the details of the visit with the school depending on the availability of the family. It will also help them in the logistics of the trip: airline tickets, car rental or transfer organization to and from the airport, and hotels.

Guardianship Service

The law requires that all foreign students in schools in the United Kingdom have a guardian of legal age and resident in the country. Almost all companies in the sector offer this service through English organizations that have a network of people dedicated to it and who are guardians of several dozen students in different schools, so the degree of attention received by students is minimum.

Anglo Connection is focused only on the students who study their studies through our organization. The communication between the family and the guardian is direct so that any need is immediately addressed.

These are some of the most important roles of the guardian:

  • Welcome the student and the parents the first day. Help in all the procedures of arrival and in the installation of the student in his corresponding bedroom.
  • Establish contact and a channel of constant communication with the head of the house where the student will be interned. In this way, parents will have first-hand information about the initial integration and subsequent academic and personal evolution of the student.
  • Hold regular meetings with the student’s tutor.
  • The guardian will visit the student at least once every six weeks but will be available to attend school if the student has any problem, urgency or need of any kind, even on weekends.
  • Send periodic reports about the student to both parents and their guardians at school, if deemed necessary.
  • The custodian is constantly available to serve the parents of the students via telephone or email.
  • The organization has host families with full confidence and proven experience in the event that the student remains in England in the half-terms and/or exeat weekends.
  • Organization of student transfers from and to the chosen airport.
  • Help in hotel reservations, rental cars, transfers and all kinds of services in the visits of parents.
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