Summer Course

From July 1 to July 22

We conceive the stay in England of young people not only as a trip to learn English, this being their main objective, but as an integral experience of life in another country, submerged in their culture and customs, in which The establishment of new social relationships and the knowledge of different people also play an important role in their educational development.

Stay With British Families

Our families are the basis of the success of our courses. The students are received with affection in British homes that are accustomed to having Spanish children in their homes and that will treat them as one of the family. Our team, with the director Marisa Gregor at the head, takes care of visiting all the families personally. Many of them have been working with the organization for many years.

It includes:

  • Accommodation in the house as a member of the family.
  • Breakfast, lunch (packed lunch) and dinner as main meal with the family.
  • Single room for the student. Voluntary option to share a room with one of the children of the family.
  • Clothes washing and drying.
  • Internet and wifi.
  • Affection and attention of all family members.
  • Families wait for the students upon arrival at the port of Plymouth by ferry.
English Classes

English classes take place at Plymouth College, one of the most prestigious private schools in the southwest of England, with extraordinary educational and sports facilities. 

  • The first day of class will be a written and written level test to frame them in the most appropriate group. The groups will never exceed 13 students per class, the most usual being about 10.
  • All our teachers are native and qualified, with extensive experience.
  • The study material is included.
  • During the course, special attention will be devoted to conversation, not forgetting grammar and writing, always in an integral and natural way.

Every day of the week, after English classes, students follow a program of sports, adventure, leisure and cultural activities.

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Sports Monitor Course

For students over 14 years of age, we offer the possibility of taking a sports monitor course during the summer course in July.

Those enrolled in this course will attend English classes in the morning and in the afternoon they will combine the activities of the course with theoretical and practical sessions.

  • Workshops and seminars that combine theory and practice in the main areas of work with children and young people in activity camps and sports courses.
  • Qualified English teachers, coaches and instructors.
  • Intensive language practice.
  • Document accrediting the course
  • We offer the chance to work as a monitor for our organisation in the future to those students completing the Sports Monitor course.
Security and Supervision
  • We have an excellent team of professionals who watch 24 hours a day for the safety and welfare of students.
  • Marisa Bareño Gregor and the other team members follow up on all the activities that take place in the camp.
  • The personal attention to each of the students is our philosophy.
  • Any need or unforeseen that may arise is attended immediately by our team, whose closeness to the student is constant. Thus, the student can turn to learning and enjoyment of his/her immersion experience in England.

The course includes:

  • Travel Santander / Plymouth / Santander by ferry. Students travel in staterooms with bathrooms with four beds and divided by sex and age. There is a possibility of a plane from other cities.
  • Accommodation in one of our carefully selected families.
  • Transportation by private bus of the organization.
  • 15 hours of class per week in our English Academy.
  • Varied activities supervised by English monitors 5 days a week.
  • Saturday excursions to cities and places of interest.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Travel insurance.

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